Distance learning Doctorate Degrees in Art Studies 2020

Distance learning Doctorate in Art Studies

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PhD in Studio Art

PhD 07 Sep 2020 Full time Part time English Campus

The aim of this four-year full-time (six-year part-time) research programme is the generation of a contribution to knowledge and understanding in Fine Art by means of an inqui ...

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DPhil (PhD) in Art History

PhD 01 Sep 2020 Full time English Campus

We offer the DPhil Art History programme in English, leading to the degree conferred by our British partner, The University of Buckingham. The programme requires an original c ...

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PhD in Archaeology and History of Arts

PhD 01 Sep 2020 Full time English Campus

The Ph.D. program in Archaeology offers the opportunity for advanced study in the archaeology of Turkey (ancient Anatolia) and the surrounding regions. Students should be inte ...

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PhD Proficieny in Art

PhD 24 Sep 2020 Full time English Campus

The first year of the Ph.D. program consists of coursework, followed by one year of preparation for the Doctorate Proficiency Examination. After passing the examination succes ...

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Doctor of Creative Arts

PhD 01 Jan 2020 Full time Part time English Campus

The Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA) is for graduates who have a significant record of achievement in the media and/or creative arts, and who want to undertake substantial resear ...

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Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in History of Art and/or Archaeology

PhD 28 Sep 2020 Full time Part time English Campus

While a research degree should be very rewarding personally, it is also a serious and sometimes intense undertaking. Under the current system, a full-time doctoral student has ...

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PhD in Arts

PhD 01 Jan 2020 Full time Part time English Campus Online

The Ph.D. Arts programme offers interdisciplinary courses in History, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Gender Studies, Political Science, Sociology, Media Studies and Environmental ...

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Doctorate in Arts and Science

PhD 01 Feb 2020 Online & Campus Combined Part time English Online & Campus Combined Campus Online

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) may be undertaken in any discipline within the Arts or Sciences. The degree offers ABDs or those who have earned sixty-six graduate credits fr ...

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Interinstitutional doctorate in art and culture

Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes
PhD 01 Jul 2020 Full time Spanish Campus

The Interinstitutional Doctorate in Art and Culture (DIAC) is the result of the conjunction of academic efforts of the Public Universities of the Western Center Region of ANUI ...

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PhD in Arts and Humanities

Universidad de La Laguna
PhD 01 Sep 2020 Full time Part time English Spanish Campus

The ULL PhD Program in Arts and Humanities is an interdisciplinary postgraduate program aimed at training researchers in linguistic and cultural studies. It involves the depar ...

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