Part time Doctorates in Marketing in Hong Kong 2020/2021

With different taste and preference among many people in the world, acquiring a PhD in marketing will help you understand the consumer behavior. With a PhD in Marketing, you can come up with strategies and ideas on how to increase the revenue for business success. This training will also enable you to beat other competitors in the market.

Hong Kong, found on the south coast of China, the country is one of the two Special Administrative Regions in the Republic of China. Hong Kong's higher education is placed in the England’s structure as well as international systems. It is managed by the country's Education Bureau.

Part time Doctoral Program in Marketing in Hong Kong

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PhD in Marketing

Sep 2021
3&nbsp;-&nbsp;6 years

The goal of the Ph.D. program is to develop outstanding scholars who will become active contributors to marketing knowledge and will go on to secure academic jobs at top inter ...

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