Part time PhD Programs in Nanotechnology in Spain 2020/2021

Earning a Ph.D. requires extended study and intense mental effort. A PhD is an academic study on which you concentrate for four to six years after obtaining your master’s degree, and that leads, if successful, to a PhD degree, the highest academic degree.

Nanotechnology is a field that involves microscopic scales, dealing with devices and machines as small as 1 billionth of a meter across. This rapidly developing field includes disciplines such as chemistry, biology, engineering, medicine, physics, and material science.

Part time PhD Degree in Nanotechnology in Spain

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Doctorate in doctorate in nanoscience and nanotechnology

Universidad de La Laguna

The Master in Molecular Nanoscience and Nanotechnology constitutes the period of formation of the Doctorate in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The universities of Valencia, Al ...

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