Part time Doctorate Studies in Software Engineering in AL Ain United Arab Emirates 2020/2021

Earning a Ph.D. requires extended study and intense mental effort. A PhD is an academic study on which you concentrate for four to six years after obtaining your master’s degree, and that leads, if successful, to a PhD degree, the highest academic degree.

The academic study of software engineering concentrates on using algorithms, program design, and function analysis in order to develop and improve software and other computer-based database systems. Software engineers may work translating code, creating solutions for technical problems, or developing programs for specific businesses.

AL Ain is a city located in the United Arab Emirates where it is ranked as the fourth largest. It is renowned for its green landscape which has earned it the name “Garden City.” It hosts the main federal university alongside a handful of other institutes.

Part time Doctor of Philosophy in Software Engineering in AL Ain in the United Arab Emirates

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Software Engineering

Aug 2021
4 years
28 Feb 2021

The Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering is geared toward individuals interested in conducting long-term research in the spectrum of intellectual activity in Software Engineer ...

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