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Pražská Mezinárodní Manažerská Škola Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Pražská Mezinárodní Manažerská Škola

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Prague, Czech Republic

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Sep 2023

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In our republic, the study for managers leading to an MBA degree has slowly taken root. It also clarifies its position and goals in the entire education system, where its role is to give managers who have already had a certain distance since graduating from university, or graduated from schools other than economics and management, current knowledge in the field. A certain guide and guarantee of quality and comparability with the level of MBA abroad are especially those schools that are members of the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS).

In the Czech Republic, the first Prague International School of Management (PIBS) at the University of Economics, Prague, has been offering the full DBA degree for top managers with the ability to work in theoretical and experimental work since 2001. The study is planned for three years as a distance learning course. In the first year, the study program is focused on the following subjects: methodology of science, econometrics, statistical methods, business theory. In the next two years, the student will focus on the elaboration of a doctoral dissertation. The results must have a level enabling publication in the professional press with the opponent of the papers, or they will be accepted at the scientific conference also with the opponent of the papers.

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