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A Whole New Kind of Education: The Ubiquity Approach

It was T.S. Eliot who asked:

  • Where is the information in the data?
  • Where is the knowledge in the information?
  • Where is the wisdom in the knowledge?

If you think about your prior experience in most conventional schools, you were probably educated to memorize information and express yourself analytically in tests and term papers. From our point of view, this is important, but not sufficient for true learning. The conventional and virtually exclusive emphasis on intellectual rigor is only one end of the continuum that constitutes a real education.


We believe that true learning also needs an inner dimension. It requires as much emphasis on body, heart, and soul as on the mind. It is when these areas combine seamlessly that education manifests as learning. This is when education becomes wisdom.

At Ubiquity, we believe that the pursuit of wisdom is to live in the questions and thus always be open to personal transformation. This Socratic notion of ‘truth pursued’ is the cornerstone and foundation of everything we stand for, and lies at the heart of all our programs, courses and events. For our students, wisdom is more a way of life than an arid intellectual enterprise. This pursuit of wisdom leads to an ever-deepening metamorphosis of psyche, heart, mind, body, and soul.

For every one of our students, our goal is to catalyze personal and professional growth and development. Our full spectrum approach animates the multi-sensory student by combining the best of online education, blended with the latest social networking technology, and infused with in-person intellectual, creative and ritual encounters. These pathways of participation are both fully immersive and multi-dimensional.

This full-spectrum transformational learning builds resilient communities and cultivates capacities for collaboration and coherence.

Is Ubiquity University the right fit for you?

How you personally develop, what gifts you bring into the world, and how effectively you bring these gifts to your community, are all critical to how our collective future will unfold. If you know you are here to help bring forth a new world, if you are drawn to cultivating your gifts within an open-minded, diverse learning community, if you are motivated by a question-led life and an exploration of mystery, then Ubiquity might be the right fit for you.

We are a diverse and global community of learners. Many of us are creative entrepreneurs, youthful seekers and mature professionals who want to place themselves into a larger context of living and learning. Our programs help our learners go beyond the boundaries of conventional understanding and behavior and into a more authentic life. Our learning pathways provide a unique opportunity to deepen your spiritual growth and personal development within the framework of academic study. At Ubiquity, you can engage in both spiritual and personal transformation and earn a graduate degree at the same time.

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Ubiquity might be for you if:

  • You have or have had a successful career, but sense that your life lacks true meaning
  • You are already on a spiritual path but seek guidance as well as more rigorous and in-depth learning
  • You are seeking an academically integrated approach to personal and professional transformation
  • You care about the big picture and want to explore possibilities for change at a deeper level.
  • You are committed to life-long learning in dialogue with fellow seekers— as a process, not an end-point.
  • You have gifts to share that the world will more readily accept if you are credentialed.
  • You wish to integrate the inner and outer aspects of your being.

Ubiquity University offers you the opportunity to:

  • Unlock your full potential
  • Lead a more authentic, meaningful life
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Claim your power
  • Discover your self-worth
  • Be part of a nurturing, supportive community
  • Change the world for the better

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