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University of Evora Ph.D. in Computer Sciences
University of Evora

Ph.D. in Computer Sciences

Evora, Portugal

3 Years

English, Portuguese

Full time

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EUR 1,250 / per year *


* international students 2500€ ; international students with cooperation and development grants: 1450€


The PhD program in Computer Sciences aims at the development of competences, skills and advanced methods of investigation in Informatics, as well as specialization based on a broad knowledge of the Informatics area. It is intended to offer learning in a research environment, with the main objective of training researchers, university professors, and leaders in innovation processes in the fundamental and applied areas of Computer Sciences.

The training and skills acquired provide our students with greater professional and career opportunities in the field of research in public and private institutions, technological companies and in higher education.

Organic Unit: Institute of Research and Advanced Training

Duration: 6 Semesters/180 ECTS credits (30 required in curricular units)

Language: Portuguese, English

Regime: Day classes

Unique selling points:

The University of Évora is a transdisciplinary university that is constantly updating its courses, offers optimal conditions for studying and conducting research, and courses in all knowledge areas: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Health and Human Development, and also Nursing. At UÉ is promoted a unique teaching-learning dynamic that results from the fusion of theoretical and practical knowledge, motivating all student body and academic staff to explore their skills, and putting to their disposal the necessary infrastructure to foster scientific research and innovation.

The University of Évora is the second oldest in the country, founded in 1559, and has a vast list of graduate, master, and doctoral courses. We are located in south Portugal, near Lisbon, the capital of the country, but also very close to the Algarve where you can enjoy amazing beaches. The University of Évora does not have a university campus per se. The city of Évora is your campus, all the buildings where you will have classes are scattered from the center to the outskirts of the city. Being part of the University of Évora is to belong to a family with a strong academic spirit and a firm connection to the enhancement of the resources that the region offers.

Are students allowed to work while studying?

There is no barrier to students being able to combine their academic path with a job. In fact, the University of Évora has its own special regime for working students.


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