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University of Pretoria - Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences PhD (Agricultural Economics)
University of Pretoria - Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

PhD (Agricultural Economics)

Pretoria, South Africa

2 Years


Full time

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PhD (Agricultural Economics)

  • This Program consists of a thesis.
  • All students need to follow a preparatory Program for the thesis which is not part of the degree Program.
  • This preparatory Program should at least cover the following modules or their equivalents:
    • Any two modules in economic or applied economic theory (eg Microeconomics or Macroeconomics)
    • One module in quantitative methods (Econometrics, Applied econometrics, Quantitative methods, or Partial equilibrium modelling)
    • One module in the field of specialisation (institutional economics, science and technology policy, food policy, etc).
    • Attend the Department's Research Methods Module
  • These modules must be completed within the first two years of registration.
  • The failure of more than two modules will lead to exclusion.
  • Failed modules may be repeated once only.
  • A research proposal must be presented to the Department within 18 months of first registration.
  • If these modules or their equivalents have been completed successfully and a PhD proposal has been presented successfully to and approved by the Department's postgraduate committee, the student may proceed to the research phase and the thesis.
  • Students can be exempted from this preparatory Program if equivalent modules are completed at other universities and students can provide evidence that these prerequisites have been met.
  • For students with an MInstAgrar or similar qualification, additional modules might be recommended in order to ensure that the candidates' quantitative abilities are at the same level as someone entering the Program with an MScAgric.


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