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5 PhD Programmes in Education Educational Psychology 2024



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PhD Programmes in Education Educational Psychology

The highest degree you can earn in academia is a PhD, also called a Doctor of Philosophy. Working for a PhD requires many years of intense study and research, but it shows employers that you are motivated and very knowledgeable.

What is a PhD in Educational Psychology? This field of study looks at what it takes for students to succeed in school and ways that educators can facilitate that goal. In a PhD program, the main goal is to create in you the know-how for independent research as a certified expert. At any school, this program consists of mostly research, with only a few courses at the beginning of the process. Completion is dependent on presenting and defending a thesis.

Some skills you may learn during a PhD program in educational psychology include interpreting facial expressions, social sensitivity and reading comprehension. Knowledge of facial expressions and awareness to sensitive issues in a social setting can make forming relationships easier. Reading comprehension is useful for understanding contracts when purchasing a home or other items.

The cost of a PhD depends on the school you attend, how long you attend and whether you can get outside funding such as a stipend or fellowship. Certain costs to watch for include tuition, registration and books.

With a PhD in Educational Psychology, you can either continue your research or look for employment as a school psychologist. You may consider working with private schools, public schools, institutes of higher learning or school districts. Some of the psychology you stand to learn in this degree program can be applied to areas outside of education, so jobs such as police psychologist and general or clinical psychologist may also be possibilities.

As you look through the schools offering this degree, think about where you want to study and for how long. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.