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    PhD Programmes in Languages Korean

    Experts in a subject may hold PhDs. These degrees are the top qualification in an academic subject and involve specialized classes and research geared toward publication. Graduates should be prepared to make substantial contributions to a discipline.

    What is a PhD in Korean? This degree involves detailed study of the Korean language. Most doctoral students in this field already read and speak Korean and may have engaged in cultural, literary or linguistic studies when pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Studies on the doctoral level tend to consist of advanced sociolinguistic analysis of usage or translations of texts.

    Advanced studies in Korean encourage students to develop skills applicable to personal and professional development. Students gain expertise in communication, translating between languages and methodical thinking that allows them to contribute to international conversations on cultural and geopolitical issues.

    The price of a PhD varies based on the length of time needed to earn the degree and the university a student attends. It is a good idea to look up the average duration of study and calculate the total cost of tuition when comparing schools. Funding may be available through departmental or external sources that support advanced studies in this language.

    Many professions are open to language experts with a PhD in Korean. Whether graduates work in Korea or with Korean companies or representatives elsewhere, there is a demand for expert translators capable of handling technical and other specialized vocabulary. Degree-holders may also find work in diplomacy or government agencies as interpreters translating spoken and written Korean. Many graduates teach as professors at universities or other schools.

    PhD programs in Korean are available around the world and online. Students should weigh their options and determine which university is the best choice to pursue an advanced degree. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.