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Students choose the Second Faculty for its exceptional research and teaching excellence, because of a proud tradition of friendship and unity among lecturers, students and administrative staff, and the unique student experience that we offer. Our commitment to preparing successful professionals in primary or hospital-based medical care makes our faculty an outstanding choice for your studies.

Research & teaching excellence

At the Second Faculty you benefit from daily contact with internationally renowned scientists as well as research leaders in many medical fields in the Czech Republic. We particularly focus on the research in the fields of human genetics and genomics, childhood oncology and haematology, oncogynaecology, neuroscience and paediatrics. We regularly publish our results in the best international scientific journals. Many of our academic staff and PhD students are laureates of national or international prizes and awards, and our recognised specialists care for national sporting representations. All of this provides you with the very best opportunity of becoming a prominent healthcare professional.

Experience of the largest university hospital in the country

Students spend most of their practical training at Motol University Hospital, the clinical base of the Second Faculty of Medicine and one of the largest and most developed hospitals in Central Europe. Motol University Hospital provides care in all the medical fields for residents of Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic. It is famous for its treatment of distinguished VIP patients, including the Czech President. It has a total number of approximately 2 300 beds, of which 690 are in the Paediatric section, while the adult section has 1 230 beds. Annually, over 70 000 patients are admitted to the hospital, and more than 750 000 outpatients are treated. A total of 3 000 medical staff are employed, including 800 medical doctors. All Paediatric departments are highly specialised, with some medical services being unique in the Czech Republic (Oncology, Haemodialysis, Epileptology, etc.).

Students' practical training also takes place at Na Bulovce Hospital and the Military University Hospital Prague.

Paediatrics – our unique added bonus to standard education

The Second Faculty of Medicine historically continues the Faculty of Paediatrics. Although it provides general medical education and its graduates are successful as internists as well as paediatricians (or specialists in other disciplines), the curriculum has retained a broad scope of Paediatrics. Compared to other faculties, students can become more familiar with paediatric specialisations, such as Neurology, Haematology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, Stomatology, among others.

State-of-the-art teaching and learning environment

As a student, you benefit from well-equipped and technically advanced laboratory facilities and sophisticated research instruments. The new building (called ‘Žížala’ – ‘Earthworm’) provides state-of-the-art education and research facilities. All theoretical, preclinical and clinical subjects are taught with substantial use of up-to-date audio-visual and computer techniques.

Excellent facilities & services

We strive to provide you with all the services and supportive staff you need for a great learning and living experience. As students, you have at your disposal lecture rooms with computer facilities allowing access to bibliographical network databases, a library well stocked with foreign-language literature and relaxation areas, a coffee room and student club. Our international students' coordinator is always ready to answer all your questions, to care for your needs and help you to solve everyday student-life problems.

Individual approach and a ‘family’ environment

The Second Faculty is ranked among smaller faculties. The favourable lecturers vs students 1 : 2 ratio (in the English programme) and an individual approach enhance the quality of teaching, enabling students to feel totally at home in the faculty. As an international student, you have the advantage of knowing basically all your colleagues, so you can rely on friendliness and support within the group.

Wide international recognition

The degrees awarded by the Second Faculty of Medicine are fully recognised in all EU countries and in the USA on a federal level. (For information on the licensing process to practise medicine, it is necessary to contact the professional body of the relevant country.)

Global study & training opportunities

As a student of the Second Faculty, you can choose from a wide range of study exchange programmes and internships abroad. You can spend a semester or the whole academic year at some of our partner universities in Europe and around the world; undergo a practical internship at hospitals and medical institutes all over the world (read about our students' experiences); or participate in humanitarian medical missions.

Room for developing one's talents

If you don't like merely attending lectures, but want to prove your talents, you may be allowed to participate in teaching younger fellow students. From your second year, you can be useful as a medical demonstrator in Anatomy and Histology classes, as you are close in age and profession to other students and can understand their problems and needs.

Excellent transport connections

The centre of Prague is reached within 15 minutes by Metro. The Metro station exit leads directly to the entrance of the faculty.

Contented students and successful graduates

According to their own evaluation of the teaching at the Second Faculty of Medicine, students are contented in the long term and graduates perform successfully in Czech and international job markets.

Student life, entertainment & culture

The faculty ensures a pleasant atmosphere and good relationships among its students and staff. Our student societies strive to enhance student life with numerous extracurricular events, classical and popular music concerts, art exhibitions and sporting competitions, including a traditional summer party on a steamer. Freshers' Week at the beginning of the year is an invaluable opportunity to meet your fellow students and get to know Prague as well as the Czech Republic.

Active and original student societies

As a member of some of the student societies, you can actively participate in all these activities. Besides taking part in organising events, you can develop your creativity as a reporter or photographer with Motolák; assist in the management of practical internships abroad with the International Federation of Medical Students Associations Czech Republic (IFMSA); or engage within the international students' community through the Association of International Medical Students (AIMS).

Convenience of electronic documents

For you to avoid unnecessary paperwork, we run many electronic applications including study applications, exam enrolment, evaluation of teaching and electronic teaching resources.

Sport & fitness

As a student, you have the opportunity of participating in a variety of all-year-round sporting courses, as well as summer and winter courses. The modern university sports centre in Hostivař provides excellent facilities for aqua-aerobics, athletics, basketball, floorball, canoeing, swimming, body-building, softball, volleyball, golf, squash and climbing. You can take part in canoeing, skiing and cycling courses and also courses held at the seaside.

Accessible and affordable student halls

Prague is a wonderful place to live and Charles University's student halls of residence are located across the city. The majority of our students stay at Kajetánka Hall, located near Břevnov Monastery and a picturesque park, just eight minutes by bus from the faculty and also within walking distance. Komenského Hall and Hvězda Hall are also popular among international students.



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