Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is a research and educational institute established by the Government of Aragon in Spain in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Zaragoza. Founded in 2003, ZLC campus is located at “Dinamiza business park”, designed to meet the space and work needs of companies after the EXPO Zaragoza 2008.

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) in EXPO, Zaragoza

ZLC mission is to create an international center of excellence for research and education in logistics and SCM that actively engages with industry and the public sector to develop and disseminate knowledge. To accomplish its mission ZLC partnered with the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics to form the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, a unique model of collaboration between industry, government, and academia. This successful partnership led to the creation of the MIT Global SCALE Network that now spans four continents. In addition, Zaragoza Logistics Center participates in several national and international research and educational initiatives.

In 2008 the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science officially recognized ZLC as a Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO). ZLC is a member of the National Center of Excellence for research in the area of logistics and supply chain management, CNC LOGISTICA, that was created in 2006 by ZLC together with three other institutions. The participation of this center puts ZLC in a leading role to define and coordinate research, development and innovation initiatives across Spain in logistics and supply chain management. ZLC has the continued support of local saving bank Ibercaja and the European Social Fund in its activities.

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Zaragoza Logistics Center

The main aim of the Ph.D. Program on Logistics and Supply Chain Management is to develop outstanding scholars who will pursue distinguished careers in research and educat ... [+]

MIT Zaragoza Ph.D. Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The main aim of the Ph.D. Program on Logistics and Supply Chain Management is to develop outstanding scholars who will pursue distinguished careers in research and education. Students work intensively with our faculty to create new knowledge in fields of interest such as supply chain coordination, inventory management, supply chain finance, supply chain risk management and security, and supply chain innovation.

First and second-year Ph.D. students typically complete Ph.D. level courses offered by the MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program, such as probability and stochastic processes, empirical methods, integer and dynamic programming, inventory management, and game theory. Second-year Ph.D. students spend a semester at MIT and have the opportunity of studying at other leading business and engineering schools. The dissertation typically requires two more years to complete. At the end of the second year, students must pass a comprehensive qualifying exam, when the student becomes a candidate for the Ph.D. and focuses on dissertation research.... [-]

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